Terms And Conditions


We rarely ask for a deposit when booking but ask that you let us know as soon as possible if your plans change.


 If you need to cancel your booking please do so as soon as possible, If you shorten your allotted stay you will still be liable to pay the full amount.

Bookings cancelled within 48 hours of the arranged arrival date, or no shows, are subject to full payment.

Drop off and Collection:

Dates and times of drop off and collection will be agreed when making your reservation. If the date or time does change please contact us. Any additional nights stay will be charged at the full rate. 

Dry Food and Pellets:

Please advise what type of food your pet is used to so that we can make sure we have enough for the duration of your pets stay.  Please provide food if your pet has special dietary needs. We will also provide unlimited amounts of fresh hay, as well as fresh fruit and vegetables on a daily basis. 


We post pictures of all the pets that stay with us onto our Facebook page and in the website Gallery.  If you would rather we didn't please let us know otherwise we will assume it is okay to do so.


We are fully insured with Protectivity Insurance Limited to look after your pets in our home, certificates can be seen.

Illness and Emergencies:

All animals boarded with us should be in good health upon arrival, and any pre-existing conditions discussed with us. 

Any vets fees occurred whilst your animal is boarded with us will be the owner's responsibility and should be paid at the time of collection.

If your pet does become ill during their stay we will make every effort to contact you, and your pet will receive immediate medical attention from either your own vet (within a 10 mile radius) or our local vet.

Sadly, small animals can pass away with very little warning and very quickly after first showing signs of an illness. If this does happen, we will contact you immediately to discuss your wishes should your pet pass whilst in our care. Little Paws accepts no liability in the unlikely event this may happen.

Please ensure rabbits are fully up to date with their vaccinations.

Happy Holidays For Your Furry And Feathered Friends


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